Love Letter Mad Lib

Esther Rose, Co-Editor in Chief

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Copy this mad lib and paste it somewhere you can fill this in! After you finish the list of words, insert them into the love letter to read your masterpiece.

  1. Name of the person you’re writing the letter to
  2. Adjective
  3. Noun
  4. Adjective
  5. Noun
  6. Noun
  7. Adverb ending in -ly
  8. Verb
  9. Past-tense verb
  10. Amount of time
  11. Part of the body
  12. Color
  13. Noun
  14. Personality trait ending in -ness
  15. Adjective
  16. Adjective
  17. Job
  18. Amount of time
  19. Verb ending in -ing
  20. Number
  21. Adjective
  22. Something living, plural
  23. Noun
  24. Your name


(1), my (2) (3),


I have a(n) (4) confession. You are the (5) of my soul. My (6) skips a beat every time I see you. The way you (7) (8) makes me smile every time. I didn’t want to tell you like this, but I can’t hold it back anymore: from the moment I (9) my eyes on you, I knew I would be in love for (10). You have (11) like (12) (13), and your (14) is so (15). I know that I’m just a(n) (16) (17) to you, but I think in (18), we could be happy together, (19) like (20) (21) (22).


Love, your (23),