Graduation Preparation

Nobody ever told seniors how difficult coming back from spring break and finishing off this last stretch of high school would be. Looking back on these past four years, in reality, time has flown by extremely fast. Still, I can remember our first days at freshman orientation, thinking we were ready for the real world and excited to be in high school with the “big dogs”. Now left with just this last quarter, the only thing we have on our minds is graduation and going to college.

As stressful as the college process actually is, it’s equally as exhilarating. Being able  to make our own schedules, decide what our futures will look like and everything in between gives people an incredible sense of independence. The preparation is the hard part, which can be something that nobody mentions either. I always had this thought that I would know by October what my plan was, where I was going, what classes I’d be taking. However, many seniors have absolutely no idea what their plan is well into second semester.

A major part of the preparation for successfully graduating and getting into college depends on your GPA and ACT scores. Senior and junior year are when people tend to start taking college or AP courses to get a jump on credits, as well as an attempt to boost their GPA. However, grades aren’t the only aspect that colleges look at. They’re interested in extracurriculars or clubs that you may be involved in.

Another thing that they never tell you: the plan that you’ve had since junior year, probably isn’t going to be what happens. Many things have the potential to change very quickly. You get scholarship or program offers from other schools, may not have enough financial stability to go to your planned school, etc… The point is, a lot can happen, so don’t set anything in stone, and keep your mind open to any and all possibilities.

When you finally have a school picked out, you must figure out whether you know what you’re majoring in, or if you’re just going to be taking general studies until you figure it out. Once you know that opportunities such as pre-enrollment exist, which are beneficial,they allow you to attain your own schedule will likely be exactly what you want. The latter; waiting until two weeks before classes start, and you get all the early morning, and late night classes, and then you’re miserable.

Being a senior can often be challenging. Hearing stories on how easy this year can be, and how classes just breeze by since you’ve knocked out nearly all necessary credits to graduate, but put into perspective, this year can easily be identified as one of the more stressful years.

The remaining days aren’t all stress though. Senior prom and all your last football games and high school dances can be some of your favorite memories. It’s your last chance to make memories at activities and functions. From senior skip days, to the picnic, to assassins. It’s the last time to be involved in high school. It’s the last time you’ll perform in the ugly concert dress on stage, but you’ll miss that dress. It’s the last time you walk through the halls as a student. It’s the last opportunity you have to make amazing memories.

As stressful as preparing for graduation can be, there is such an exhilarating effect to it that will blow you away. Walking through the halls, aware that the few weeks left will be over in an instant can be frightening. High school can be the worst or the best four years of your life. And while there is a choice, everyone should make an effort to do their best to make it the best.