We all Float Too

From the collection of October creative writing…

We all Float Too

Rianna Morrone

Outside the window, 

Water dribbles down,

Tears fall from the sky, 

As the boy hears a sound


Down the street he goes, 

Telling himself a joke

Assuming he’s alone, 

Until someone took his boat


Streams of water running, 

As sewer bars rumble,

Everything seems so stunning, 

Until the boy had took a tumble


“Come near little boy, 

I just want to be your friend”

And as he stretched for his toy, 


A young life had come to an end.


Sometimes life gives you too much to handle.

But in the end, we are all people.


We all have a struggle

Have a personal bubble,

And unlike that lonely boy,

We need to accept one another for we are 

because if we don’t… 


You’ll float too.